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"Michele Wahlder is one of the top coaches in the country. She combines her academic background with real world experience to help her clients achieve great results. I think she's particularly good as a relationship coach. She's been a tremendous help to me."

—Ed Rankin, President, Manera Group

"Michele is an energetic and gifted presenter. Her lessons on self-esteem and self-appreciation really impacted our girls and made them feel great about themselves. After the session, the girls were still chanting, "I feel good...sooooo good! Thanks Michele!"
—Keisha Howard, Founder, P.E.A.R.L. Girls

"I wouldn't have the top-notch business I have today, if Michele had not kept positively encouraging me to pursue the best and not settle. It may sound corny, but my wildest dreams have become my reality."
—Becky Burpo, Owner, Allen Birthing Center

"Through the sorting process I did with Michele, I found a job that really clicks for me and makes me happy. Michele really listened to me, helped keep me stay on track and created accountability on my part. Thank you for working with me and steering me in the right direction."
—Holly Adams, Training Consultant

"Out of all of the people I have met on my life's journey, Michele by far, has helped me the most in the shortest length of time. I am ETERNALLY grateful for her light in my life."
—Ruth Thomas, CEO, Girls Inc.

"The transition from being corporately employed to setting up my own business was a difficult one, and I needed support and advice. Michele encouraged me to make my dreams a reality, which they now are! I have more than exceeded in achieving my personal and business goals - and faster and more smoothly than I would have ever expected. I always feel loved, accepted, and optimistic in her presence!"
—Charmian Tardieu, Owner, Miles Further Brand Marketing

"Michele brings a vibrancy and honesty to her work of transformation that helps her clients achieve rapid and lasting results. I have benefited from her depth of experience and wisdom in corporate, counseling and life coaching settings. Most importantly, Michele walks her talk and her own life is a testimony to the growth and goal achievement she is able to facilitate for her clients."
—Sally King, Owner, Art Strategies - Fine Arts Consulting

"I needed clarity from someone I could trust, someone who was competent and would work with me as I achieved my life goals. I found that in Michele, she's a gem of a human being and my personal cheerleader!"
—Lynda Haas, Director of Sales & Marketing

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"Michele's work for Match.com as
an employee development coach and
consultant has been exceptional.
She continually gets to the root cause
of issues at hand, offers appropriate
solutions and adapts her style to our
unique needs in order to achieve results."

Bryan Black,
VP Global Human Resources, Match.com

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