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"I really loved this book. Its presentation is so simple and it drew me in immediately. Then I began reading the many alphatudes and realized how valuable they can be to one’s daily life, helping anyone keep focused on truth and life itself. It’s a must on everyone’s bookshelf."

—James Twyman, best-selling author of The Moses Code

"This book will make you feel better! You will love Alphatudes from the moment it enters your life. Opening it will fill you with gratitude to be holding such a beautiful, inspiring book, filled with encouraging words and images."
—Jana Stanfield, recording artist, "If You Had No Fear"

"Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude demonstrates just how easy it really is to count your blessings. This book provides a fun and practical method for increasing your awareness of the many opportunities for gratitude that exist in your life right now."
—Mike Robbins, author of Focus on the Good Stuff

"In Alphatudes, Michele Wahlder gives us a rich palette of truths. Each of her twenty-six reflections, matched with vibrant illustrations, allows us to transform ingrained neural patterns so that gratitude becomes our natural response to life’s gifts."
—Brother David Steindl-Rast, author of Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer & co-founder of Gratefulness.org

"Michele Wahlder has created a practical and delightful method for opening the heart to the joy and benefits of gratitude. Alphatudes shows us how to accomplish that in a systematic way that solidly roots the attitude of gratitude in the depths of consciousness and soul. This book is a gift to all who would lift and open their hearts to the blessings concealed within."
—Alan Morinis, author of Everyday Holiness, and founder of The Mussar Institute

"Michele Wahlder presents a simple tool in which a powerful meditation on gratitude can be structured using the ABCs. The delectably transporting illustrations, along with the well-worded affirmations and prayers that accompany each of the twenty-six entries, support the book’s luminous bouquet. It is recommended without reservation!"
—Mount Shasta Magazine

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"Would you believe the key to
happiness is as simple as reciting the
ABCs? Well, maybe not quite that simple,
but I’ve just discovered a wonderful new
alphabet book for adults, Alphatudes,
reveals a simple concept for living a
more joyful life." read more
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"Bound with spiritual principles,
Wahlder’s book is beautiful in itself and
would make a great gift!"read more
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